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Scan archives

These are archives of my scanned paper drawings from the past years. Included with each one is a gallery application that lets you easily browse all images, and even read a little commentary I wrote for them.

If you like looking at random little drawings and reading my barely-filtered little thoughts, you might enjoy browsing through these.

Recurring elements include: Video games (notably Splatoon and Dark Souls), Jerma’s face, body horror, and (the development of) my pantheon of original characters, occasionally even with a rough little comic or two.

Originally the 2018, 2019 and 2020 editions were for sale, but I’ve decided against that for now.
For archival sake I have not gone back and modified them in any way, or even gone back and read through them again; any cringe contained in these is perfectly preserved in its original form. (The older gallery apps have also not been modified to include features from newer editions.)


2021 new!




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