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Public call to modders

If you're familiar with extracting assets from any/all games featured in this app, and you would be willing to share extracted HUD/UI textures with me, contact me!

Am I missing something?

I tried to be exhaustive, but as there is no comprehensive list of all the different "noun verbeds" online, I had to go by all I could find from googling around. If you know of any particular variations I might have missed, shoot me a message, ideally with a screenshot!

Want to contribute?

If you're familiar with HTML canvas and interested in extending the set of available macros (possibly to include more than just FromSoft games), you are free to contribute through Github, and/or to contact me if you need help or have any questions!
Currently the app is pure javascript and HTML with no build systems or external dependencies.

Want to give back?

I made this page for fun, but if you'd like, you can send me a tip on Ko-fi!


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